The Neighbours

Hardly a surprise.
I think the Inland Revenue’s attitude will be critical. Will they be happy to accept a fraction of the £400K they are owed given that V*cs
have done this to them before?
On the other hand this is where not owning their own ground could help them as they have no assets to be seized by creditors.
I also think they will be extremely lucky if they get away with just a 10 point deduction and no further loss of status.

But it’s of little consequence to us. Let’s concern ourselves with our club.

carnt pay the local businesses and taxman, but can find 1.3mil to buy the ground. it stinks.

or, are they buying it on their expenses.

Fully agree - they are taking the p1$$ out of local businesses yet again. On their forum they have the bloody cheek to talk about building bridges with local firms and potential sponsors - What an absolute joke!

Hopefully, all creditors will this time hang out for all their dues and not accept a couple of pence in the pound.

As for the taxman, that’s our money - bunch of tw@s.

Don’t worry they have a new commercial manager, who just happens to be the same woman who did the role under Connett (should help in building bridges with local businesses, especially those that are owed money)!

I doubt the FA and Conference will take two kindly to this news, the second administration in 5 years! The fact they have been two separate businesses will have little to do with it, it is a single FA membership that they have transferred between the clubs that matters.

HMRC will surely look at the fact that with each new ‘phoenix’ comes a whole load of unpaid debt. Bigger still their record over the past season with regards to player’s wages, loan payments to other clubs, share of gate receipts will not go down well. Footballing debts are frowned upon and generally lead to more punishment in FA terms.

V*** will no doubt be hoping that they can raise the money to pay the ‘footballing debts’, get away with a 10 point deduction at the start of next season (that Andy Preece will no doubt handle in his stride) and that they get to dump their debt to HMRC and start again in a stadium with new landlords. All sounds like a rosy plan!

To some extent there are precedents in place with Halifax and Boston and if you were either of these two clubs you would be appealing against unfair treatment if V*** get any less punishment than they did.

We may be playing in the league against them next season, of better still their relegation gets us a reprieve. Now that really would be amusing!

With Woodley winning the Cheshire League they can apply for NW Counties, ground grading, floodlights etc. They can also change their name to Northwich Admin FC and start from the bottom, no debts, big crowds, no wages as such and getr carried away in a wave of green euphoria, Woodley even play in Vics old kit.

A puff of smoke from the grassy knoll???

If their punishment is similar to Halifax’s (i.e. they are demoted to below the Unibond Premier), which league would they go in?

As their? ground is 50 yards south of Wincham Park, would they go in the Unbond South?

JR has been on talk sport tonight begging for help. :unsure: didnt get to hear it myself but reading the V**s forum he sounded desperate.:stuck_out_tongue:

some how our problems at witton dont seem as bad.

It makes my blood boil, here we are struggling and scraping for every penny to make sure everyone gets paid, trying to cut our cloth accordingly.

Then look across the canal and you see JR/Conman and V1x acting with impunity, spending what they want, without a care in the world.

Its exactly the same mentality that was abundant at that place at the back of Crosville years ago, when Stone and Nuttall started the rot, spending money they hadn’t got.

Last week the Guardian reported that Andy Preece had been given a 12 month contract - Am I missing something?

You’ve then got to listen to a large percentage of ignorant V1cs fans, talking about THEIR ground, and THEIR social club, and how they are the towns only ambitious club - They haven’t got a pot to p155 in - not even a green and white one!

And then, they default on paying tax - which to the uninitiated is actually our money!!!

Rushe and Conman are one and the same in my eyes - talk the talk but can’t walk the walk, but unfortunately for those decent misguided V1cs supporters, when you are drowning you’ll grasp at anything.


It makes me laugh that clubs pay players money that they haven’t got. It annoys me when some clubs like the Vics, whose crowds are lower than ours, are paying more wages for players than we can afford. If the Vics are still in Blue Square North after the AGM. Then the message would be it is okay to spend money what you don’t have and if it goes tits up. Don’t worry just go into administration, wipe your debts out, form another new company and just carry on as if nothing has happened.

That’s exactly my point in earlier post - it now seems acceptable that going into Admin is the thing to do and bollocks to all the creditors.

As I said earlier also, I hope local companies/sponsors in Northwich and surrounding areas eventually realise what a bunch of sh1tes they are dealing with across the canal!

I allways said that stadium accross t’ cut would be a great big green and white elephant! The sums never added up. Worth reminding some though that the Alb have done it, pi**ed more money on players than the clubs income (big style!), been under a CVA, been there done that!

Subtle Difference MM - We paid 100pence in the pound - very rare and probably ill advised/naive. BUT every local supplier, creditor and businessman got PAID IN FULL.

This is actually the 3rd time in the last 6 years Vics have run out of money and not paid their dues - Once when they moved, once when Connett ran up his bill, and now when the latest clown/gifthorse turned up.

No doubt he’ll still be able to fund the land purchase:(

I will try to get it into the local press that we paid our debts in full whilst Vics have once again renaged on their obligations to people they owe money to.

Yes thanks folks fair enough! We were as honest as the day is long about it I suppose! Be interesting to see what sanction the F.A will impose on them across t’ water…or maybe ANOTHER “Manchester buisnessman” will come along!! mind you them there Spawn of MUFC are looking for a home…

NVFC have been kicked out of the Football Conference. Pending appeal by Jim Rushe, the Conference have found NVFC guilty of breaking finance rules according to the Northwich Guardian website.
They are barred from playing in the Blue Square North because they entered administration too late.
JR is quoted as saying that NVFC’s very existence is on the line. He faces an FA panel in London on Monday.


Oh happy days:laugh: ::silly: :woohoo:

According to the Guardian website Mr Rushe has already invested thousands putting an appeal together, which begs the question as to why this money was not spent paying back the players and others that will lose out as a result of their administration (their second in five years)!

The whole situation of football clubs and administration has to be seriously changed (again). The FA have to (and say they want to) discourage clubs going into admin as an easy escape route. Examples like Leeds are scandalous, they wiped out the best part of £35m of debt and sure enough were in the play-offs this season (fortunately Millwall beat them which offered a crumb of justice).

If the only penalty that clubs face for going into administration is a 10 point deduction then this does little to discourage their mismanagement and overspending. Three wins and a draw and you are back on an even keel, with the benefit of having removed the debt and then going out to fund players that will make up the 10 point deficit. If 10 points is the only punishment then it’s worth taking the risk for clubs, you may as well go down the ‘s*** or bust’ route in the full knowledge that you can just wipe out your debt and start again from 10 points further back.

Clearly the starting again is a bit more complicated, but equally the process appears to be a ‘run of the mill’ activity. Most administrations are pre-packaged whereby the club is bought back by the previous owner minus the majority of debt. Why would an owner not do this (with the penalty only 10 points)? Effectively we’ll try and spend ourselves out of the mess we are in, pay as few people as possible and when things don’t work out we’ll ditch the debt by going into admin.

There are currently many examples of clubs twisting the rules to suit, for example Southampton’s stadium owners have gone into admin but the football club will avoid any points deduction because they are deemed to be two separate entities. Surely all this does is encourage clubs to separate their stadium and team into two companies. Doing this means you can put all of the cost into one business and potentially all of the potential profits into another one! If these are the rules then maybe we should do the same?

In the case of our neighbours the company that owned the stadium has been wound up (Beaconnett) and the football club is now in administration (NVFC 2004 Ltd). How can a deal be allowed that means that any person involved as a director of the club in administration can be involved in an agreement to buy the football stadium back. Whilst it is perfectly allowable by law the whole thing just smacks of wrong doing as far as the creditors of both defunct businesses are concerned!

The FA has made ‘footballing debt’ preferred creditors and therefore now any payments of players wages, transfer fees, gate receipt shares, etc need to be paid in full before a club can leave admin with a CVA (scheme to repay the non football creditors, which includes the tax man, a few quid a week for the next five years)! This offers at least some protection to players and other clubs.

Clubs now have to go in front of the FA to demonstrate their repayment plans of outstanding HMRC debt but this still is not enough. The only way this issue will be better resolved is if club’s have to go before the FA at the start of each season with proof that they can cover their present level of debt for the season and that the FA ratifies their budget (possibly including measures like capping spending on playing budget inline with the club’s previous proof of income). Beyond this the penalty for going into administration has to be stronger, dropping arguably more than say two levels, why not the bottom of the non-league pyramid (why should they start half way up it)? This would at least discourage many from the obvious benefits of admin. Also should it not be the case that a director of a club that enters admin of it’s own accord is not permitted to be involved in the buying back of the club?

There has to be additional governance that forces clubs to live within their means, otherwise the situation will only continue. Equally at the moment it does nothing to reward the clubs that do operate within their means, indeed their league performance is likely to be poorer than those spending above their means. Other essential part of the process is to ensure there is more transparency in football club accounts and that ownership of clubs should not be allowed to be entirely one or two private individuals (who can choose to withdraw their money at any point having done the damage). Supporter’s Trusts and fan groups need to have more involvement wherever possible, ultimately these people are the ones that plough thousands of pounds in to help fund clubs but only see their efforts (and cash) go down with the companies behind the clubs (perhaps the monies invested by all these parties are better invested in clubs on a ‘loan basis’ which at the very least means that if the club does go bust than these parties are creditors and at least then have a vote to cast in agreeing repayment plans).

As a Wittoner we look at the Northwich situation and frankly feel they deserve to be punished, but as football fans we would hate to be in the position of their true supporters (as blind as some of these have been throughout the process). For the good of the game overall something has to be done that sets greater punishments and more stringent controls otherwise the whole structure of football will implode. I read an article somewhere that made the statement, ‘the beautiful game but an ugly business’, how very true!