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Can any V I C S fan tell me why the bloody message board has been disabled.<br><br>Dont seem to know nothing these days! [smiley=ranting.gif]

Its on the front page of the Chronicle cos’ it is that IMPORTANT!

the message board has been disabled because one of you lot (we know it was one of u because u were the ones who started spreading rumours about us) has posed as dave stone and said vics have gone bust, i mean how low can u go, we don’t mind a bit of banter, but this, it is not funny, hopefully it will be back soon and hopefully u will have learnt your lesson whoevers done it. [smiley=ranting.gif]

Why would they take the forum off for just a silly rumour that no V I C S fan would take seriously anyway???<br><br> [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]<br><br>TOP BANANA!

good question, all we know is that someone has posed as dave stone saying vics have gone bust and its been taken off for a while. hopefully it will be back soon, because i miss it and i must admit i miss vics and witton fans having bit of banter, but obviously i don’t like reading messages from u about vics going bust etc, because that is going to far.<br> :wink:

???I was wondering why it was off line. I thought it would be for some daft reason. I thought Jezza had taken some hostages and demanded the demolition of the new ground. But thats my tiny mind working over time.<br>Your a good lad really Jezza I was only messing ;D

If you’re going to start using this message board whilst yours is being "built", then I’m afraid we’ll have to start charging rent.<br><br>When do you think it’ll be ready? November 04? 05?

It must be our fault cos’ everything that has gone wrong in your history is our fault.

To be fair folks the blame rests solely with Vale Royal Borough Council. <br>Without them doing their job they’d have a football league ground now and be debt free.<br>

The message board was disabled at the request of the club, due to the malicious message posted in the name of Dave Stone.<br>We ALL know that any statement of this kind, posted on the message board, no matter how genuine sounding, is completely unofficial, made-up or just plain b0ll0x … unless of course you happen to be a Sports Editor for the minor newspaper in Northwich!!! [smiley=nono.gif]<br>As for taking a photograph of a picture from a web site!!! that’s just pure unprofessionalism & sad!<br><br>As for an end to the uncertainty… who knows???<br>

Can’t you just make an unofficial message board which means people know it isn’t the ACTUAL message board and stop using ours. Unless you want to pay rent for that as well.

Sorry for gatecrashing your forum W****n (makes a change), but a few members from the green and white army thought it needed a bit of life.<br><br>So here we are! [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]<br><br>

seems a bit drastic to remove the forum cos of a silly post, surely removing ithe post itself would suffice, its not like everything said on these footy forums is taken as gospel neway<br><br>altho mayb it hit too close to the truth for vic’s comfort? :wink:

What do you think Vics fans? should we set up a temporary one whilst ours is having an MOT? I could get one knocked up tonight if you want. It wont be as good as ours or witton?s but its something we can call home for a bit. Let me know and I?ll get one set up.<br>Cheers<br>ACVF.<br><br>p.s. Thanks to the Witton fans for letting us squat for a bit. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] <br>


[quote]seems a bit drastic to remove the forum cos of a silly post, surely removing ithe post itself would suffice, its not like everything said on these footy forums is taken as gospel neway

altho mayb it hit too close to the truth for vic’s comfort? ?;)[/quote]<br><br>Message was removed in 10 mins but then a certain sports editor from the ‘minor’ local paper decided to print it on his front page and conseqently make the rumour sounding more official!! when will he learn,message boards are like terraces with speculation and rumour constant.The sports editor has proved what he really is!! As for the photo of Mr Connett, I think the editor could be in difficulties over that!!

Thats stupid cos’ anyone could come on and right anything so why would some from a local paper take it seriously.<br><br> If you are reading this ‘Mr Reporter’ then you have your next front page splash as Roman Abramovich has tabled a ?125,000,000 bid to take over Witton Albion and is to pledge all his money to the boys at Wincham Park. [smiley=cheezy.gif]

Well its just silly really, i cant see much point in removing the forum, i mean v i c s fans have had no explanation or appology at all. Im not chuffed!<br><br>Sooner this whole mess is sorted out the better.<br><br>Thought witton played well tother night, best match ive seen in a while. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Not silly at all, when the banter,rumour and wind up’s on the message board are taken seriously by fans who are’nt familiar with these web site boards then things can get out of control as proved last week when some Vics fans(not familiar with the net) seriously believed we’d gone under.Then to get a local sports editor making things 10 times worse by printing the story on the front page!!- and being influenced by it!!- think the club have acted appropriately and disabled the board whilst the takeover takes shape. Vics fans have also been officially notified of the message board situation by the weekly newsletter which was sent last thursday.

wot a load of shit! only vics fans could be that stupid<br><br>even if they did believe the club had gone under its not the end of the world- as long as those who need to know the facts do, does it matter? surely by removing the board they are preventing people from being able to post that its a load of crap and that the club are ok really<br><br>its just leaving people who dont get the newsletter (wich is always accurate isnt it ) in the dark, not that this is anything new- seems to be your boards style