The Drum is quality, i think a few of the old fans didn’t like it because it disturbed them from there moaning!!!

Slight suggestion here. I was stood near the drummer on saturday. no problem for me. one or two of our older fans were stood next to you guys. maybe stand to the left of the goals as they always seem to stand to the right.<br><br>It does help with the atmosphere and therfore should be a regular thing

This could be the most resounding poll yet!<br><br>Sadly Corby got yet more grief tonight and the drum wasn’t even there-some people need to have a good think whether they want the club to have any future supporters or not after the way they talk to them.<br><br>I hope its there for the FA Cup game at least - I agree leave the trumpet at home (sorry andy I know you wanted to play it) but get the drum right behind the goals!<br> [smiley=banane.gif]

yeah neil lets make the brittania carpets stadium a scarey place for our opponents to come to.<br>think about it those who moan how daunting for the away team it must feel sum times yeah i know were not as big as liverpool or chelsea but lets get behind our team and scare the opposition. <br>up the albs.

The drum is a great idea and I personally would like to see it more often.<br>It will hopefully drown out the members of the WAMA.<br>Didn’t Neil use to bring a drum occasionally?

We want the drum.<br> Hey Corbyn, Can you play the drums like in Guinness ad with horses ?<br> Would love to hear it on Tueday. ;D

when we trashed tranmere 5-1 after the game i caught up with pritch on the pitch and he wants the drum back so i assume all the players do to and if all you guys want it and i want it as wel as every one on the other posts then the drum is comeing home its coming the drum is coming home !!! ill bring to every game i can starting with the F.A CUP GAME ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Great.<br>The perfect attitude for any Wittoner to aspire to.<br>I really look forward to seeing and hearing it at the forth coming games.

I think the votes above support it. Ok its not everyones cup of tea but it’d be good to have it there.Yes I did used to have one-still got it I think - cud try and dig it out if anyone wants to play it? [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Hi, I have just joined the forum now<br>I havent recently been to any games because i have just moved up to dundee to go to uni so i wont b able to go to as many witton matches as previous. Anyway all last year i followed every home match of witton and have watched every home match this season till i went away, i also went to watch witton v afc telford and the match agenst the scum. Anyway i have been following the forum whilst being up here n it sounds like the drum is a great idea. I have to admit before i left, theatmosphere at home games was pretty dire! Anyways i hope someone can sort a drum bein at every home game from as soon as and i look forward to watchin the mighty red n white when i get back at crimbo. i think my first game will be the one agenst afc telford!! what fun!!<br><br>cheers<br><br>scad

yes corbyn thats the ticket!! bring back the drum and if anyone says out just ignore them you’ve got enough support from every1 else

We have Corbyn.<br> Who needs Ginger Baker ?<br>Who the hell is Ginger Baker you ask?<br>Only one of the great drummers of all times in the group called CREAM. ;D

Cozy Powell far superior [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Neither of them had much success in the Unibond Prem though did they

Hello. Sorry to interrupt your fascinating discussion about "the drum". But I wanted to point out that we at Vauxhall Motors make our music on the pitch.<br>I guess you should keep the drum though, but would suggest the drummer learns a lament or two for Saturday!!! Let’s face it, the drum won’t be the only thing from Witton getting beat.

Confident and cocky eh? We’ll see tomorrow at 5pm. If our lads perform as they can (and after a post like that I really hope they do!) you just might be in for a surprise.<br><br>By the way - how many coach loads of fans are you expecting to bring to WP tomorrow? Or will it just be the one car load?

i wudnt even say a car load peobably more bike and side car.<br>lets hope our boys shut this geek up tomorrow and then we will visit vauxhalls site and just say hello to them and tell them who we are playing next round.

Chill guys, its banter what non-league footballs all about!

Exactly. It’s all good banter. And just so you know; I don’t think I’ll be needing the sidecar tomorrow!<br>Seriously though, it sounds to me as though your squad is down to its bare bones just like ours. The way it’s going, I might just bring my boots.<br>Let’s hope it’s a really good game tomorrow.<br>Good luck!!!