Witton Albion v Northwich Victoria 30.01.07

After NVFC’s game was resolved tonight the above game is ON next Tuesday (30 January) in the Cheshire Senior Cup Semi-Final. 7.45pm.

None of their shareholders will be present!


To be honest this is a game I have no interest in whatsoever. We have beaten Vics before, we have a beyter record in these games, but we are still in a lower league and it is closing THAT gap that matters not a "One off"

And sadly I can’t make it all the way from Birmingham as I have to spend an evening at Birmingham University being very bored. I would have done if I could though - you are right, it does mean nothing, but imagine if you don’t go and we beat them 6-0…

It would be nice to hear JVs view on team selection for this one. I know a couple of weeks ago he said he would not play weakened teams in the cup competitions. Perhaps a statement now would be timed just nicely to get a few more undecided (like WHS) along.

I did not say I was not coming, I am. In fact I am bringing along a mate from work. What I said was I have no interest in the result, if we win we are in the Final, which will be poorly supported as usual, if we lose, Vics fans will say it confirms they are the best team. Either way Witton as a club gain nothing. It is nowhere near as important as our next league game.

as long as the team try their best and make a good account for themselves thats all that matters, i agree tat the league is mor important but wouldnt it be nice to batter them…

How can anyone not be interested in this game and call themselves a supporter?!?

Of course promotion is everyones goal this season, but playing and winning is a great habit, and more beneficial to do than train on a Tuesday night. Its this sort of attitude thats killing the F.A.Cup off.
Remember the season under Stan we played 70 odd games, winning the league in the process.

Get there on Tuesday, be proud to be a Wittoner and make the lizards feel as unwanted and unloved as Conman does.

It’s a fixture we should ALWAYS want to win. We’ve had some great nights against Vics over the years. My ‘colleague’ at work says Vics will have to name their best 16 as their squad as they are pretty thin on the ground. I expect Jim will follow a similar plan.

I’m sorry but it is always the minor team that makes so much of local derby’s, the senior team see it simply as just another fixture, ask Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U. whether they want to win the league or the local derby. Vics are the senior team and have been for too long, beating them on Tuesday gives us a short term boost, being in the same league or higher gives you a long term boost. Of course I want us to win on Tuesday, but I would rather lose 0-4 and gain promotion than win 4-0 an miss out. We simply must get our priotrities right if we are to progress as a club. I believe Vics are in deep financial trouble and may well face relegation again, I want us to step into the hole they leave. Come on the ALBS!!!

Would be nice if they pick up a few injuries on Tuesday night to ensure they go no further in the Trophy, once they are out of it watch Connett start to get really cheesed off about the lack of support. If I was a betting man I would put a few bob, not on us winning on Tuesday, but on Mr. Connett leaving Vics in the lurch at the end of the season. I do believe he will cut his losses, as every good businessman knows, it is no good throwing good money after bad.

Hello Peter, long time since we have had the pleasure of your company on our site
I hope it’s not been because we are fast becoming the top team in the wincham area
and you have finaaly realised this
I am glad you are making excuses before the match takes place
Have you nothing to say about our vast improvement in our style of football and your sudden decline

Frankly I don’t care what the state of finances is at Northwich or how they end up in the league. All I want is to enjoy watching the team that Jimmy and Benny have given us and for the Albion to progress. We will do that, I’m sure.

With regard to Tuesday - of course I want us to win and if we can keep the standards of the last few weeks it will be a cracker . Northwich could be severly embarassed if they don’t give us some respect.

That is well said, enjoy what we have got and long may it continue.

Mr Mellor returns and shows no signs of understanding the fundamentals of any competitive sport. No player would ever enter the field and not be bothered about the outcome. That opinion is for supporters and boardroom members to chew over after the defeat and declare "well actually, that’s not a bad outcome" I’m sure the players, whoever is selected, will try their utmost, for personal pride, local rivalry and personal security.

Mr Mellor is perhaps trying to lay some pre-match crap about how they weren’t really interested anyway (in case of a defeat) and laugh out loud with the effect of, we weren’t even trying (in case of a win) - he’s trying to put himself in a no-lose situation.

And he also hits us with the fantastic revelation that the sc*m get bigger gates than us…


I don’t want to enter into an argument regarding Vics or with any of their fans there’s no point. The fact is as I’ve stated before I would rather be part of the Albion because we are in a better position with what we have namely a board of directors answerable to shareholders. I’m not slagging off Mr Connet as I don’t know the guy or his intentions but the whole point is the Albion is a democratic club and by its nature now Vics is a one man band and he can do what he likes when he likes and that includes pulling out if he wants too. I know where I’d rather be. As for the game the way Witton are playing Vics will find it quite tough. I hope its a good entertaining game for all the fans with Witton winning without any injuries. Marine is all important on Saturday and we need to get through tuesday’s game injury free. Just like to wish Johnny Allen a speedy recovery as no one wants to see someone get seriously injured even though I’m Witton through and through and Johnny is a Northwich player. Cmon the Albion!! Lets win the lot including the league!!

Regardless of what side Vics put out, we will be facing a Conference club who train more than our lads, so it is a great opportunity to see how far we are off Conference North standard(!!). I’m sure some of our players, possibly most of our players, would be able to do a job in Vics’ team, so i’m really looking forward to tomorrow night. Win or loose though, as long as we do ourselves justice that’s all i’m concerned about - would obviously love another 6 - 0 or 5 - 1, but i’ll take what i can. Saturday then becomes the biggie. So let’s hope for some good support tomorrow night, and i wish the team well.

In regards to Johnny Allan, i much preferred him in Eastenders!! (seriously, by all accounts the tackle that injured him was a shocker, so hopefully he’ll be ok).

Tomorrow’s match is being kindly sponsored by P.p Racing in Witton Street.

They’ve issued the following odds:

Witton Albion to win: 13/8
Northwich to win: 11/8
Draw: 5/2


When I jokingly spoke of injuries I was not talking about broken legs for God’s sake, a few pulled muscles will do!!! As for phase five of the work, the Northwich Vision is still a blueprint after many years, anyone can draw up plans. Watch Mr. Connett depart if and when the Stock Market goes down as it surely will soon, he will leave them in the lurch just as that fella we had did to us when money got tight. In the late 1990s I could easily give Witton money and not given it a secod thought. I bought my lad ?300 worth of shares for Christmas one year, I could not do the same thing now and Mr. Connett will be no different. I totally agree with MONA, better to have lots of people running and investing in the Club than relying on the goodwill of just one man, ask Newcastle, ask Blackburn, ask Leeds and ask Chelsea in a year or two.

Im sure whatever team vics put out, we will be well up for the game

I was at the Weymouth - Northwich game, and very enjoyable it was too (until Northwich scored, that is) and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the tackle on Jonhnny Allan, it was clearly an accident and Vickers never meant it - he isn’t that sort of player at all. It was a 50-50 ball.

Despite all these comments about not wishing injuries on players, I have to admit I couldn’t resist a wry smile when one of the Vics players took a full blooded Stuart Beavon shot right in the nuts, even if it did prevent a goal.

With regards tonight, I hope Jim gets his priorities right, and does whatever he thinks is necessary to ensure we have the best chance of winning on Saturday, whether that means resting players or keeping the momentum going. Trust in the manager - he knows what he’s doing!!!