witton`s best keeper/worst

over the years of watching witton, ive seen some good,and some bad goal keepers. the worst one probably was d.brand. mind you in his defence he his a scott ;D when it comes to whos been the best witton keeper, i find it a lot harder deciding ::) &lt;br&gt;we really have had some great keepers over the years.&lt;br&gt;im a big fan of our current keeper. and rate him as one of the best keepers in non league football. some names that come to mind are bob fletcher. bob wasnt the biggest of keepers, but he was one of the most&lt;br&gt;agile keepers ive ever seen. a keeper that i can only remember by his nickname (fixy).<br> another good keeper and an all time favourite of mine is barry allcock . and one of the most obvious contenders would be k. mason [smiley=dunno.gif]<br>

Fitzgerald was a great keeper as were all the ones you’ve mentioned, Parkinson was my first hero and who can forget Mike Sherlock but Mason for me was the best if only for the one game away at Telford when he put in the best goalkeeping display I’ve ever seen at any level of football. The worst? well Drew Brand will probably get most of the over 30’s vote (really nice fella though) almost as bad as that lad we used to have in goal at Victoria road juniors, now he was bad!!! eh pencil!

Parkinson was a another good keeper.Correct me if im wrong,was he american ?<br>and i think that he had two spells with witton.<br>like you say who can forget mike shrelock. Apart from the time he thew the ball into is own net,he was a good keeper. As for that lad that played for victoria road juniors, he was BRILLIANT ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Worst Gotta Be Steveeee Crompton ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Educated at Maine Rd- Wot else can U expect!!!

when i look back at some of the great keepers that have played for witton.<br>it makes me wonder why some of them never played at a much higher level.<br>drew brands name has come up a couple of times for wittons worst keeper,&lt;br&gt;yet he played for everton ???&lt;br&gt;can anyone remember the name of the keeper who played for us in the FA CUP away at&lt;br&gt;halifax ? i think he was called zellam . i remember in the games that he played in before the halifax game, he couldnt catch anything. but when it came to the big game against halifax,<br>he had a good game and caught everything ;D every time he caught the ball, the witton fans would cheer ;D witton won the game 2;1

Chad Thats a bit harsh on my little lad remember he only came as physio ! hope you have a loveley Christmas too. My lad will be gutted by your remark.

joe paladino.<br><br>i will never forget that game at st albans, joe stood on is 18yrd line sparring with is self. ;D

best keeper for me was keith mason the save he made against wycombe (92 fat quarterfinal) top class. very vocal as well. anyone remember paladino’s performance against at slough in 93 interesting was’nt it i thought he was playing sweeper.

Best 'keeper in my opinion: Bob Fletcher closely followed by John Bell & Ged Johnson (showing my age).<br><br>Classiest 'keeper award should go to Nigel Gleghorn for his second half effort at Belper a few years ago.<br><br>Worst 'keeper - John Bird.<br><br>GE<br>

Soz Mr C!!! It was meant in fun though. I agree with your comments though as a goalkeeper he made a great physio! <br><br>Have a gud un Geoff!<br><br>Seriously though one of our worst keepers was Andy Oakes when he was a kid, and look where he ended up!<br>

Perhaps, Chad, you could post a list of goalkeepers since the 90s - or earlier if you have the time - just to refresh the memory.<br><br>GE<br>

Thanks Graham :wink: This is the alphabetical list of all the 41 keepers that have played for us since we have been at Wincham Park. ie start of the 89/90 season. The very first one was Andy Newall - now a referee - and he kept 8 clean sheets in our opening NPL matches. A candidate?<br><br>Mike Allison<br>John Bagnall <br>John Bird <br>Matt Boswell<br>John Burridge<br>Tim Clarke<br>Matt Conkie<br>Steve Crompton<br>David Fish<br>Paul Gibson<br>Danny Glynn<br>Dean Greygoose<br>Scott Healey<br>Tony Henney<br>John Henry<br>Chris Holmes<br>Jon Kennedy<br>Lee Keyte<br>Chris Knowles<br>Kevin Mailey<br>Keith Mason<br>Phil McGing<br>Jamie McVey<br>Alam Minshall<br>Rob Montgomery<br>Paul Moore<br>Richard Mottram<br>Andy Newell<br>Andy Oakes<br>Joe Paladino<br>Greg Price<br>Andy Ralph<br>Damien Rooney<br>Ronnie Sinclair<br>Mark Statham<br>John Thewlis<br>Gary Walker<br>Kevin Whitehead<br>David Whyke<br>Lee Williams <br>Alan Zelem<br><br>Can provide the same, going back to Jim Bell in 1945 and even pre-war but only Tonee will remember them ;D ;D ;D if we want to keep running this topic. <br>

I am lucky enough to remember having Peter Mellor in gaol and Chris Nichol at Centre Half alongside Ken Barnes, we played great football but did not win much sadly. As for our present keeper, I believe he is a major factor in our success, not flashy, just safe as houses. Whilst he is fit we can win the league and other comps as well.<br>WHS

The worst, Phil McGing, the best Dean Greygoose

Good point about Andy Oakes. I would have never given him a chance of playing <br>professional football. I never did see him have a good game for Witton.<br>I`m pleased for him, that it all worked out well for him in the end ;D

On the Andy Oakes theme its goes like they say keepers get better with age. My memorable moment watching him was when id gone to Anfield to watch Liverpool v Derby. I was sat in the Kop and we beat them 2 v 0 and it relegated them. I was just abuseing him left right and centre. Does any one know where he is at the mo?

Andy Oakes plays for Walsall now

Can provide the same, going back to Jim Bell in 1945 and even pre-war but only Tonee will remember them if we want to keep running this topic<br><br>i dont think i am as old as you chad. :P<br><br>one of my heros was jonny southern. esp in that game when we beat buxton at home 6-5. [smiley=Santa1.gif]<br><br>yes peter mellor and chris nichols, class act. [smiley=xmas-smiley-043.gif]<br><br>do you remember the home match when chris lost one of is contact lense in a home match. [smiley=xmaslol.gif]<br><br>

I’d go for Bob Fletcher, just edging it over some fantastic keepers who I’m sure could have made it at a much higher level. We’ve been very lucky in this department over the years.