Witton Supporters v V*cs Supporters


We are looking to arrange an 11-a-side ‘friendly’ match between Witton fans and Vics fans over the Festive period.

There will hopefully be a trophy for the winning team!

We will looking to use the game to raise money for charity.

We need a decent-sized squad of players, and we don’t want to restrict this just to the Supporters Team.

If anybody is interested in getting involved - doesn’t have to be in a playing capacity, we will have a variety of roles to fill - then please let me know.

We are hoping that this could become a yearly event if it is a success this time.

There are still a few details to confirm, so nothing is official as of yet. We should be able to confirm more over the weekend. In the meantime, it would be handy to establish what sort of interest we have in this?


Chairman,manager,physio,half-time drinks man,cheerleader,programme seller,steward,supporter.I am available for all positions.

Put me down for the Rob Lloyd role ;D

Lazy student?! (Only joking Rob…!!!)

Nice one guys, glad we are already getting some interest.

Grazzer, i’ll speak to you about it at some point anyway as i reckon you’ll also be able to help out in other ways too.


i know its witton vs vics mate but u sort off players i could send some my lads to help make the numbers up,

i dont mind mate as long your ok about

cheers daz

Cheers Daz. I would expect that we’ll be fine for players - but i’m sure we would appreciate your help in other capacities.

Lazy student?! (Only joking Rob…!!!)Your right on both counts . .Give me a shout if you need anything, except money :o

no worries robbo m8

if you need me for anything regard the game you have me number . I am happy to help in anyway i can let me know the date i might come a watch it to m8

cheers daz

If it goes well then maybe Runcorn and Winsford join in the future, could have semi-s and a final?

On another thread Runcorn are organising a’cheshire senior cup’ for supporters in the summer hoping to include the likes of Mac and Alty etc…

Don’t worry, me and Daz have already discussed this!!!

The plan is to try and do something over 3 consecutive Saturdays in August. I’ll continue to liase with Daz, and will post news as and when i get it.

Cheers for the further interest.

Venue tonight confirmed as Winsford’s Barton Stadium. Massive MASSIVE thanks to Mark Loveless of Winsford United for offering FULL USE of Stadium and facilities.

Date confirmed as 30th December.

Match squad of 16 players required - rolling subs.

There will be a couple of training sessions arranged between now and the match.

I will actually be in england for the game so i wouldnt mind havin a crack at the vics supporters if there is space on the team for me? im even willing to have a go in goal if needed?

I’m more than willing to play if you will have me or if im needed? Need a change from losing 12+ - 0 :smiley:

We’ll try and get as many people involved as possible.

I’ll put a list in the Club Shop, so if people can go in there and jot their name and number down if they want to be involved.


Full marks for organisation chaps. Can’t wait!!

All those who are wishing to play agaist the Vics supporters can you please attend a training session with jim vince on thursday night, please be at john deans astro turf at 8.15pm at the lastest THURSDAY!

Me too ! ! at least the astro is FLAT  :o

Robbo could you send me matchday details . .KO time etc and I’ll get it blasted all over the web

As mentioned above, anybody who is interested in playing on the 30th please report for some training with Jim Vince on Thursday at 8.15pm.

It will give us a good idea of who is available for the big game.

Wont be able to make it as i am stuck up in scotland until 13th! does this make a difference? i presume so!