Witton v Clitheroe

WITTON TEAM TO PLAY CLITHEROE:<br><br>Kennedy; Brownhill, Pritchard, Barrass, Spearrit; Gaghan, Connors, Lloyd, Peers; Moseley, Jones<br><br>Subs: Warlow, Hockenhull, Alex Brown

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 1 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Chris Gaghan! Get in!! Come on Witton!!

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 2 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Liam Brownhill solo run! Neil wants 10! I want 10! I think every wittoner wants 10! :stuck_out_tongue: Come on Witton!!

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 3 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Mike Moseley from a Spearrit cross! Come on Witton! According to Neil they are rubbish and dirty! ::slight_smile: (thats the clean version!)

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 4 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Chris Gaghans 2nd scored from the penalty spot! Come on Witton!

Come on - only 6 to go! [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

HALF TIME SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 4 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>We should be able to score even more as they become tired! :stuck_out_tongue:

not a bad 1st half then!

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 5 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Griff Jones! Come on Witton! Halfway to 10 now!

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 6 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Mark Peers! Come on Witton! Only 4 more to double figures now! Good to see an even contribution from all over the team! Lets keep a clean sheet n all!

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 7 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Griff Jones’ 2nd! Come on Witton! Only 3 to double figures now! Neil’s getting bored :smiley:

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 8 CLITHEROE 0<br><br>Adam Warlow! Come on Witton! 2 more til 10! Will they make it???

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 8 CLITHEROE 1<br><br> O well thats the clean sheet gone never mind!

FULL TIME SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 8 CLITHEROE 1<br><br>Didnt make he 10 goals that we all wanted but never mind a convincin win through to the next round! Well done boys!

I 8te to think what the Vics fans will make of it!!! We were awesome and I do not exagger8.<br>The JIMVINCEABLES march on!!!<br>WHS

I’ve just got back from the game, and what a game.<br><br>I don’t frequent Wincham Park as much as I used to, but on the back of Saturday’s result, I was looking forward to seeing the Albion continue their impressive form.<br><br>I did not expect to witness and 8-1 scoreline!<br><br>To a man Witton were excellent. In the first half, everytime we attacked resulted in a goal (or it certainly felt that way). <br><br>MOM for me was Mr Gaghan, quick, two good feet and the ability to cross the ball made him a threat all night long.<br><br>The future for this current Albion team is very promising…long may it continue.<br><br> [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

What a game,everyone played well MOM Gaghan!<br>Poor attendance tho only 135! We took nearly that many to Stamford!

Just got in from the match…one very happy Wittoner here ;D<br><br>The team were very impressive and seemed threatening every time they had the ball.<br><br>I agree with Macca, for me MOM would be Gahgan, this lad is truly on top of his game,switching from left to right, he ran the opposition ragged and set up some of tonights 8 goals as well as scoring 2 himself, 1 of which was the 1st penalty Albion have scored this season.<br><br>All in all a great team effort,great enthusiasm and a fantastic result ;D<br><br>The only downside to tonight was the low attendance - 135.

Don’t think we were ever gonna be on for a bumper crowd last night. Let’s hope to change that on saturday!<br>Pity we couldn’t hold out for 8 nil to the Albion, but we’ll take 8 - 1.<br>The most promising thing for me tonight was that we actually got some quality crosses into the box, resulting in headed goals for MM & Adam Warlow.<br>Come on Witton!! Let’s keep the promotion push going on Saturday!!

Watching from afar it was great to see the goals going in. Just like watching a match on teletext!<br><br>I’m sure Jim must have been tempted to give some of the guys a rest after our schedule, but sounds like it was like a training match anyway. <br><br>Must feel sympathy for a club like Clitheroe, who are having a difficult time of it lately. Manager walks out taking some of the best players with him??? Pretty familiar story in non-league football?<br><br>Big game Saturday and I’ll be even further away, so updates would again be much appreciated.<br><br>Come on the Albion!!