Witton v Prescott

From the Guardian website;

Witton v Prescot: FA Cup preview
By Andrew Simpson

Witton Albion v Prescot Cables (ko 3pm)
FA Cup First Round Qualifying
Venue: Wincham Park
Winners’ Prize fund: £2,250
Previous meeting: Witton 2 Prescot 1

Witton (from): Kennedy (GK), Coo, Spearritt, Pritchard, Barras, Kearney, Brownhill, Dillon, Lloyd, Brown, Peers, Proffitt, Turley, Brodie, Warlow, Thornley
Doubtful: none
Injured: Royle
Suspended: none
Last year in FA Cup: Third Round Qualifying
Form guide: WDWWWW
Top scorer: Mark Peers (five)

Prescot (from): Mottram (GK), Smith, Murphy, McEwan, Bowden, Bell, Moore, Stannard, Taylor, Connolly, Molyneux, Price, Byers, Lynch, Rendell
Doubtful: none
Injured: none
Suspended: none
Last year in FA Cup: Second Round Qualifying
Form guide: LLWLLL
Top scorer: Darren Byers (four)

Match pointers
Jim Vince’s men launch their latest FA Cup campaign with a word of warning in their ear.

The Albion boss this week told the Guardian that his players needed to be wary of Prescot.

"I’m always cautious when we face teams we know well because there’s a risk of complacency," he said.

But Albion go into the game full of confidence after overwhelming promotion rivals Matlock Town at Wincham Park on Tuesday, stretching their unbeaten run to seven matches.

Prescot’s fortunes could not contrast more starkly. They have won one of their past six matches - a 1-0 success at Leek Town - losing all the others.

Andy Gray’s men also face the daunting prospect of trying to breach a backline that has gone more than nine hours without conceding a goal.

8:00am today

Just had the team through from Neil

kennedy, coo, brownhill, pritch, brodie, spearit, brown, lloyd, warlow, crowe, peers, subs, proffit, barras, kearney, thornley, smith

;D 1-0 to Albion, Crowe, after 45 mins.


Excellent, another goal just before half time ;D think Neil must have dropped his phone![br][size=1]Posted on: September 15, 2007, 03:50:08 PM[/size][hr]Had to laugh at this on the guardian website… The peasants are revolting…

HALF TIME: Vics leave the field to a chorus of discontent from the Danebank. It has been a pitiful performance in truth, with HIston only having themselves to blame for not being out of sight by now.


1-1 Prescott playing a good game apparantly.

Bill :frowning:

2-1 down off a free kick

Gate 330s


Lost 1-2! A blow this. :frowning:


i was dissapointed today as to how badly we passed the ball today at times today, and just giving it straight to prescot after we had won it off them. i hope that in the future we will pass better than we did today, although we did play well at times, and had good chances on goals which i hope we will see more of in the future

Spot on that. We gave the ball away cheaply which let us down. Kearney played well in Midfield but we missed Lloyd 2nd half.

Vey disappointing today, lucky to be 1-0 up at half time after Prescot had missed several good chances. Second half was better, in that we created a bit more, but some woeful finishing let us down. All credit to Prescot, they’d seemed much more up for it today than Witton - possibly because of the lack of atmosphere behind the goal? Last year, the home support was worth a goal in several tight games, today nobody (with a few honourable exceptions)seemed that bothered, both on and off the pitch.

OK, moan over, let’s hope that was just one of those days, back to business next week. Come on the Albion!

It was no surprise Cables winning at Witton.You have only beaten Prescot once since Cables got into the Unibond League.I know you thought you would be in for an easy game.Cables are a funny team(but they’re not supposed to be !) and can beat any team at this level on their day.Just one parting comment - will you PLEASE stop spelling Prescot with two t’s.

Very disappointing today, unfortunately the boys never seemed to get going. For whatever reason it seemed flat both on and off the pitch. However, if the Prescot keeper hadn’t pulled off a very classy save from Rod Thornley late in the second half then we would still be in the cup, but to be honest I don’t think we deserved it. Crowe had a slightly better game but he’s not doing it at the moment and Adam really needs someone up front with him to share the workload. I’m pretty sure the amount of running he’s having to do is not helping him when it comes to finding the back of the net. Kearney did well but we really missed Lloydy. Alex Brown tried but nobody seemed to be putting there foot on the ball in the middle, and eventually we were made to pay as Prescot were allowed to push further up the pitch. Personally, I’d like to see Brodie up front with Warlow, and Proffitt or Dillon on the wing. Something needs tweaking somewhere because thats only 1 goal from open play in 3 games.

I just hope that the financial implications aren’t too bad from going out of the cup so early…

One final thing, for all the people who would rather we stick the ball in the box at the earliest opportunity on every attack instead of passing it around, please take the last 15 minutes of todays game as an example of why we don’t do it!

V disappointing indeed, a loss is bad enough (Lincoln) but to be out the FA Cup like that at this stage is much worse - on and off the pitch.
We can now (trophy aside) concentrate on the league - I just hope thats going to pay off come April.

How can you blame that on how Witton played?! Last season the atmosphere at home was great towards the end of the season because we were steam-rollering teams and scoring goals, this in turn gets the fans going. Away from home it’s the fans job to get behind the team, but at home the crowd needs the team to give it a lift. That didn’t happen enough yesterday. Anyone who doesn’t feel there is enough noise behind goal is quite welcome to make some.

I think Chad and Gaz were missed yesterday in that respect. Everyone else will sing when they start but they are needed to start it off. No more trips down south for Chad.

Dawn, this is a family forum… :smiley:

Fair point, Robbo - I try, but I’m afraid my days in the Central Ground Choir are long behind me!! I know what you mean about the team needing to turn it on at home to lift the crowd, but sometimes a bit of pre-emptive encouragement can make a difference. In the home game against Leek last year we were playing crap, then the fans really got some noise going, lifted the team, we took the lead … unfortunately, everyone then went back to sleep, but that’s not the point! Just a thought …

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That’s all I have to say on the matter .