Witton v Whitby

Yet another really important game tomorrow against a team who are up there in the mixer for play off positions and wont be an easy game! I wish the best of luck to the team and i shall be waitin for updates! We can do this! Come on Witton!

Don’t forget the Supporters match at 12.30ish out back!!!

Hednesford Town vs Guiseley has been postponed due to Waterlogged pitch.

So come on Witton we can move second today!


Kennedy; Spearritt, Pritchard, Barras, Brownhill; Peers, Lloyd, Brown, Connors ; Warlow, Moseley

Subs: Hockenhull, Clegg, Profitt

Decent team out again! Moseley in as a replacement for G Jones ent Bad! Come on Witton!
[br][size=1]Posted on: 24-02-2007, 14:45:10[/size][hr]LATEST SCORE:


Adam Warlow! Get In! Great stuff! Witton r up early and im in a packed room with a bunch of scots watchin italy score 3 tries in the first 5 minutes! :D! Come on Witton!

Telford gettin beat 1-0 at home to Lincoln![br][size=1]Posted on: February 24, 2007, 03:23:36 PM[/size][hr]2-0 Witton Warlow again![br][size=1]Posted on: February 24, 2007, 03:28:48 PM[/size][hr]Whitby down to ten men.[br][size=1]Posted on: February 24, 2007, 03:37:28 PM[/size][hr]3-0 Warlow hat-trick!!

Get In! Exactly what we are wantin! Well done Adam Warlow! Keep it up boys! Come on Witton!

kendal 1 burscough 2 :-[ :cry:



Not a bad half by the sounds of it! More of the same please boys! Come on Witton!

4-0 Warlow again.
I missed the Lincoln game when we won 6-0 now im missing this one!!



Adam Warlow’s fourth! Get in! He’s playin a blinder! Come on Witton!

5-0 Mark Peers![br][size=1]Posted on: February 24, 2007, 04:25:22 PM[/size][hr]Telford have equalised tho :([br][size=1]Posted on: February 24, 2007, 04:27:57 PM[/size][hr]6-0 Warlow again with his 5th today and 183rd overall this season!!!



Attendance announced as 412! Great Gate! Lets hope they keep on improvin! Come on Witton!

6-1[br][size=1]Posted on: February 24, 2007, 04:36:40 PM[/size][hr]Finished 7-2 Moseley with the 7th
Telford finished 1-1 so good day all round!



Moseley got the final goal for Witton! Topping off a great day! Well done boys! I think that telford have been held by lincoln too! Come on Witton!

Good attendance today hopefully they’ll all be back for the Telford game,they reckon they’ll bring 500 so hopefully could break 1000

frickley 2-0 matlock town :slight_smile:
kendal 1 3 burscough :-

The boys were awesome again today…Whitby never looked in it…totally worlds apart…great attendance aswell

Some of the attacking moves were a joy to watch, we really do play some attractive football, Adam Warlow was on fire,great finishing.
Brought my mate on Tuesday, his brother Scott is player/manager at Ashton Utd, he’s gonna be worrying him this week !
We’ll hopefully take a minibus up there and then try and get the same lot to the Telford game.
Just keep the momentum going and its ours for the taking.
Great support today !!

Stunning display (again)!

We are playing a higher quality of football than anyone in this league, we have a great group of players, fantastic spirit in the camp and an extremely good management duo. It is hard to find fault in any aspect of the playing side. Equally the directors and club management have worked hard to support the club this season, the fundraising efforts of last nights Frank Bruno dinner, the happy hour today and bring a friend initiative have all been excellent. The gate was good today and after the result a fair few of these should come back for more!

All about focus now, nothing else. Treat every game with 100% (just as we have been doing) and it is in our hands. Other clubs will be scared by our form, just look at the results, 5, 6, 7, 8 goal wins - we don’t steal games we have won them in style. The run-in is a mental game, concentration and sharpness.

Off the pitch, as Andy, Jim and Len have all said, we need to keep the supporters fundraising activities going. Remember Jim Vince has only been able to get the players we need and keep the squad together as a result of the fans fundraising. The bad news is this… if we want promotion and then to compete next season then it will cost money. What is great is that even a friendly before the game today chipped in another ?50 (well done lads and well done Jim for turning out).

We have got 13 games to go and need to keep everything on track for the remaining few months. Now is the time to capitalise on our position, we could not ask for a better chance. Well done to all.

How good is this?

  • We play a team 7th in the league
  • We beat them in the first half hour (even before the sending off)
  • We play the rest of the game like an exhibition match (not meaning to disparage the efforts of our team, but we just completely played Whitby off the park)
  • Our centre forward scores 5
  • We win 7-2 (and it felt like if we’d needed to score 27, we could have done)
  • And best of all, it’s beginning to feel like just a routine performance, we’re this awesome every week!

And also, the gates are starting to pick up, although if there was any justice, we should be getting 4 figures for the sheer entertainment on view from the Football Kings!

Great stuff, keep it going to the end of the season. Can’t wait for the Telford and Matlock games, how huge wil they be?