Witton vs Fleetwood

Come on Witton!!!<br><br>Could really really really do with a win today after going out of the FA Cup on Tuesday.

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1-0 peers in off the post

Still in the USA watching for updates. Come on the Albion! [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

2-0 Mike Moseley right on the half time whistle ;D

Get in - you beauty! Hope we can finish 'em off early in 2nd half. No slip ups now…


2-1 Pond, come on Cod Army

Final score Witton 2 Fleetwood 1 att 284 ;D

Happy Days - was it bum-twitching time towards the end??

No idea Eddie just getting texts from Neil, I’m sure we will get a few reports soon, better go and do a bit of work for an hour and make it look like I’ve done something! (with a smile on my face this week!)

That’s it then - I can now go an enjoy my eggs (over easy), steak and grits for brekky!<br><br>Looking forward to reading the match reports on here later…

Same old same old really. ?Looking very very comfortable until they scored, then we tried to make it as difficult for ourselves as we could. ?We should be killing games off when we’re dominating, instead of inviting sides onto us. ?Oh, and for the love of God please can we SHOOT!!!<br><br>Rumour Mill;<br>John Kennedy to sign back on<br>Southport sniffing around Ste Connors<br>Liam McGuire at todays game

Gr8 win today good to hear that boys have won does anyone know how many quali rounds there are for the fa trophy? it would e grea if we could get kennedy back between the sticks well done witton

Why Kennedy yep a v. good goalie but wouldnt it be nice to sign players with a wee bit of loyalty similar to ? hes a red hes a red - coz he hates Northwich . Names on a post card to M.Connett c/o of ?

The below is a post from Fleetwood’s website. Nice to know not all their fans are idiots!!!<br><br><br><br>We gave everything but done by a better team on the day.<br>Witton have a great setup and it felt like we had gone up a level given the surroundings. <br><br>They gave us little chance on the flanks with Beech and Pryers quieter than normal. Smith managed to whip a few crosses over but not enough to trouble them.<br><br>Though we tried hard to impose ourselves on Witton they had the edge and deserved victory. <br><br>

Seem to remember we had a some bother with the fishy boys back at the good old Central Ground - would that be the last time we played them? (over to you Chad)

Played them in the FA Cup five or six years ago, draw at home won the reply.<br><br>Poor attendance today, even with the 40 they brought - worrying.

Thanks for putting me right Rob.<br><br>Regarding attendances - you sound like a stuck record. That’s all you ever say when you come on here. I think we ALL understand the situation regarding attendances. Of course every football club in the country would welcome bigger attendances, but we just have to accept what we have got. Together we have to try to work harder to encourage more friends/family to attend and hey, if we had solid home form, I’m sure the people will come.<br><br>(Sorry about that, went all Kevin Costner for a moment then)

There are 3 qualifying rounds - next one is on 4th November.