Witton vs North Ferriby

Updates as usual today - team when available.<br><br>PS could be looking for a volunteer next Saturday to text Derek for Ossett any takers?

Surely you’re not missing a game Neil?? I’ll do it if we go, not 100% yet though.

WITTON TEAM TO PLAY NORTH FERRIBY:<br><br>Kennedy; Brownhill, Pritchard, Barrass, Spearritt; Gaghan, Lloyd, Connors, Peers; Moseley, Warlow<br><br>Subs: Jones, Alex Brown, Hockenhull<br><br>Decent team out again!! Lets have another three points and hope the teams above us drop points! Come on Witton! ;D

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 1 NORTH FERRIBY 0<br><br>Mark Peers<br><br>Get in!! Must have scored pretty much straight from kick off!!! Well Done!! Come on Witton!!

LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 1 NORTH FERRIBY 0<br><br>Apparently we are all ova them at the moment!! Lets make the Pressure count!!! Come on Witton!!


LATEST SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 2 NORTH FERRIBY 0<br><br>Alex Brown!! <br><br>Get in!! Apparently it should be 8 again!! O well at least the points are secure! Well done boys!! Come on Witton!! [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

FINAL SCORE:<br><br>WITTON 2 NORTH FERRIBY 0<br><br>Well done boys a good three points! Im off to watch middlesborough v utd now and hopefully c utd get a similar result to witton! ;D

Thanks to all for updates. Another good win.<br><br>Bill

WELL DONE LADS, ?100% from all players.<br><br>North Ferriby were outplayed and outclassed, tried to kick us off the field second half, but couldn`t even do that properly. We were too slick and too quick for them

Totally outclassed them today, never looked like it would only be 2 ;D<br><br>Ref had a shocker as usual

Ref was terrible. If they don’t start protecting us we’ll be seeing a broken leg before long. But then again, if the ref had shown as many cards as he should of, we’d be playing 9 men every week. I’ll take 2 draws from the next 2 games, but a win in either would be fantastic!

Only saw the last 20 minutes or so, but we could easily have scored 4 or 5 goals in that time, and Ferriby should have definitely had 2 men off!

What was the gate? <br><br>Bill<br>

Gate was 278

Time the missin fans returned don’t you think? Don’t worry GE, I know I owe you ?3, hope it costs me a bit more after Tuesday!!!

Outstanding - nothing but outstanding.<br><br>Well done yet again.<br><br>See you at Frickley!

We are just awesome at the moment! And what a great atmosphere once again. This is the most exciting season at Witton for a while. Even without the second goal today, it was never a case of grinding out a 1-0 win, we were rampant, and just kept coming at them. Great to watch!<br><br>Let’s hope we can keep the run going, in both league and cups - Jim’s going to need to keep the squad intact, so let’s help him in whatever way we can.<br><br>COME ON THE ALBS!!!<br>

(Time the missin fans returned don’t you think?)<br><br>gates usually drop during December, so doesn`t todays gate count as an improvement???

Yes gates do usually drop in December - quite a lot usually! Good I think that we don’t have any more home league games till boxing day.<br>Ferriby had a few fans - I mean a few, but playing like that we should get some good gates against Marine, Telford, Hednesford at home.<br>