World Cup

Guess who’s team were the first to be knocked out in the Witton Raffle? Goodbye Cameroon and probably goodbye Ghana soon. I WILL drop off the tenner that I owe this week sometime as I now have a car again.
In my opinion thr Ivory Coast player who got Kaka sent off should be banned for life, wha a b…y cheat! Anyone agree? I still think this World Cup is open to just three teams, Brazil, Argentina and this may surprise many of you, Spain. I hope we win on Wednesday but even if we do I cannot see us going much further unless a miracle happens and the team start playing a whole lot better. Still, we live in hope.

WHS wrote:

Drogba does the same in the Premiership most weeks WHS, unquestionably a good striker but spends most of his time rolling around on the floor and getting opponents booked. Given that he is the captain the rest have a good role model!

With TV pictures available surely the FA and FIFA should be able to put a stop to this outrageous behaviour. In Rugby they have a "Citing " rule so that action can be taken later, it’s not always done as it should be but it is used a lot. Football needs to stop this cheating before it becomes totally ridiculous.

Should be easy now lads, beat Germany, beat Argentina, then beat Italy or Spain, then just beat Brazil in the final!!

So the French give up early,the Americans arrive at the last minute and we get to fight the Germans!
There’s a first.

Beautifully put Dodger, us and the USA winners in the end?

If we’re really going to go off topic with generalisations Re WW2. Lest we forget that the USA lost over 400,000 servicemen and women (Thats more than the UK!). Hardly a last minute intervention/win and a sombreing thought.

They came in because their natural resources supplies were threatened by Japan, not much changes hey?

Sick to death of all the hype and build up just want to watch the game now ? also looking forward to the England game :wink:

The fan who entered the dressing room after the Algeria game didn’t break in…Robert Green let him in!

I thank you

I thought he walked between the centre halfs ? :frowning:

They think its all over…it is now.

Congratulations to Germany who played as a team and punished the most abysmal defending I’ve ever seen at so called ‘top flight football’.

Well what can we say? After watching that the only thing I can say is that football is definatly not coming home for a very long time! :frowning:
What is wrong with the English game ? :unsure:

what a spineless, gutless inept display from our so called super stars. sunday league defending-sorry about this comment, at least sunday league players show passion and commitment. this lot didn’t.

May I suggest we re-employ McClaren, he had the sense to fail to qualify for the major tournaments, at least that way we did not embarrass ourselves, because, make no bones about it, that was embarrassing. It would appear that despite spending millions of pounds on a so-called foriegn messiah we are still second rate in World football, mind you, we are better than the third rate Scots!! £5 million a year for Cappelo? What a waste of money!! Give the job to an Englishman who loves football and his country, at least that way we would see some passion.

Nothing changes .These prima donnas play brilliant for their clubs as they have foreign talents like Drogba and Torres along side them.They are pampered by media and us fans.
Nothing has changed in past 4 years.It will all be forgotten when the season starts and we will be cheering these pampered pooches as if world cup never existed.
How long can we carry on milking '66 for ??? :angry:

Could not agree more vi8.

agree as well vi8, get rid of all the over 30s now, maybe just gerrard played in centre mid, johnson, rooney ( cant play that bad again ) and the coles kept for experience then bring in the best of the 21 -25 year olds and get an english manager to organise and motivate them - simples redknap or Hodgson ?

Unfortunately the Premier League and Champion’s League have become more important than playing for England, wrong as that may be.

The players look tired, there was very little energy in any of the performances. We were poor in the friendlies and in each of the four World Cup games. Did they train too hard, was the pressure too much, was there unrest in the camp, were they actually bored through lack of alternative activity, I guess we’ll never know.

It was no different to the last few big tournaments, still trying to accommodate good individuals rather than building a team. All the evidence is there to demonstrate that Lampard and Gerrard cannot play in the same team. Plus tactically players were often playing in unnatural positions, you only have to look at the lack of discipline in holding their positions to see they were not sure what their jobs were. If a midfielder loses the ball in the opposition half with both full backs ahead of them then you need to be pretty sure you can cope with the counter attack. Terry was woeful against Germany but in fairness they got their tactics spot on, they knew how to beat us. The irony is we were more ‘experienced’ than Germany, however they wanted it more.

You can’t seriously expect to win a World Cup when players like Heskey, Wright-Phillips and Warnock are considered to be in the top 23 players in the country! Look at the strikers we took, hardly likely to frighten any opposition (with the exception of Rooney, who sulked his way through the tournament).

Now what, well we gave the manager a contract extension before the tournament, another wise FA decision, so it will cost £10m+ to get rid! We certainly need a manager who can reignite the passion in playing for your country, and an Italian is hardly the answer.

Let Ian Holloway have the job, even if we don’t win anything it would certainly be a lot more entertaining!

WR thats a great shout HaHa, can only offer barry fry to compete :ohmy: just think of the press conference from either would be brilliant.